intangible industries, llc

not making things since 1992.

we make software:

  • consumer-facing products, with emphasis on educational technologies
  • background in AI, machine learning, cognitive science

selected projects:

Scholastic Achievement Mananger

Created the server-side architecture for Scholastic Achievement Manager (SAM), the learning management system and development platform for Scholastic’s Read 180 suite of learning applications. Sales of Read 180 and other "Powered by SAM" products have surpassed the $1 billion mark.

Fastt Math Next Generation

Led server-side development on Fastt Math Next Generation, the latest revision of Scholastic's top-selling math fluency product.

Soliloquy Reading Assistant

Led or contributed to the development of all aspects of Soliloquy Learning's 2nd to 5th grade reading tutor, which uses speech recognition to track the student’s progress through an ebook.

Pearson SuccessMaker

Member of the core architectural team on the SuccessMaker suite of learning products from Computer Curriculum Corporation, a division of Pearson Education.

for more information:

info at intangible-industries dot com, or via LinkedIn